About Caretakers of the Environment Tanzania

Caretakers of the Environment Tanzania (COET) is not for profit / non-political organisation works toward the basic needs of the children’s such as care and supports for their education, health, child rights, environment, protection and sports.

  1. 1. COET’s Mission

The mission of the organisation is to alleviate poverty by promoting environmental sustainable world. COET believe that all children-girls and boys-have aright to safe, just and joyful childhood and that all the childrens have a right to dignity and meaningful participation in our society.

  1. 2. COET’s Vision

The vision of the organisation is to enable the childrens in Tanzania to see the planet as one interdependent environment. The vision is possible through;

  • Commiting ourselves to be with children in a way that is just.
  • Deepening children’s participation and advocacy.
  • Inspiring our society and hold it accountable to new vision of childrens rights and responsibilites.
  1. 3. COET’s Overall Goal

The overall goal of the organization is to inspire and support the childrens in Tanzania and enable the society to realize, advocate and protect children’s right and responsibilities; through the development of  wide network of NGO’s that works towads childrens rights.

  1. 4. Specific Aim

In the context of the overall goals, spcifically COET has the following aims;

  • To promote awareness and advocacy about children’s rights, with particular attention on the girls and boys
  • To facilitate children’s rights to voice and self expression
  • To strengthen programming capacity in child rights in Tanzania.
  • To improve essential services to and support the rights of street children in Mwanza.
  • To promote universal primary education in Tanzania.
  • To promote free environmental world for children
  • To promote sports for disadvantage children (Rights to plays) as a tool for social change.
  1. 5. COET’s Advocacy Approach

COET’s advocacy approach is essentially one of initiating and facilitating, with aim supporting disadvantage groups in the cumminities. We define our advocacy role as convicing, inspiring and supporting key actors to mainstream child rights in Tanzania. In this regards COET’s is conviced that it needs to create alliances, and work more closely with other NGOs both local and International in order to widen and strength its child rights work

  1. 6. Board of Directors

COET’s Board consist of seven members from different fields in the society. Normally a full meeting of the board is conducted twice a year. The board supervises overall operation of COET’s projects and operation, critiques program issues and approves all major policy deciions. It is responsible for director level recruitment, ensures financial accountabilities / signatories and provides direction to management.

  1. 7. Street Children Centre (SCC)

Currently Kuleana Street Children Centre views childrens as remarkably resilient and resourceful people, rather than “problem children” needing rehabilitation. Based on that pholosophy, kuleana’s street children centre plays a role of a catalyst and community resource for street children programming in Mwanza, Tanzania. This role is characterized by child centred programs that encourage childrens participation focusing on building quality, respinsible and trusting relationships between children/ youth and families or adults. The centre also provides children with health services, life skills, formal and non-formal education, sports and counseling prior to reintegrating them in their communities. Kuleana centre works with government as well as social welfare department, Bugando hospital to enable welbeing of street children.

  1. 8. Tanzania Street Children Sports Academy (TSC-Sports Academy)

TSC –Sports Academy is a newly established sports project of its kind that works to supports and develop extra ordanary talents for street children  and most volnerable children who are in dander of becoming street children. Tha project started as a pilot project in 2009. This was the outcome of the research conduct in 2008 led by Mutani Yangwe who also is a founder of the project. The reseach was based on how sports can be used as a tool for social change (Sports for change), with the meaning of solving the problem on increasing the number of street children in Mwanza as well as using sports as a tool for social change and advocacy. TSC Sports Academy is a registered project as Day Sports Academy with Reg. No. NSC 9396 of January 2010 and Tax Identification Number (TIN). 110-05-352, of 2010.

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